Color-Logic Unveils Text-FX™ – Text Enhancement Tool for Designers

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2024 -- Color-Logic has proudly announced the launch of Text-FX™ , a groundbreaking addition to the Color-Logic product suite. A unique, stylized Illustrator palette that includes 20 extraordinary text effects, Text-FX is specifically designed for creatives and graphic designers, enabling them to dramatically change the way text can be used in various design projects, including signage, posters, and greeting cards.

Announcing the Text-FX introduction, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "With Text-FX, Color-Logic continues a tradition of providing innovative tools that enable designers to push the boundaries of creativity. The easy-to-use Text-FX interface ensures that even those new to design can create stunning professional-level text effects."

Key Features of Color-Logic Text-FX:

Fully Editable Text Styles: Text-FX provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing designers to modify color, size, font, and the applied Illustrator FX styles.

Color Customization: With the integrated Color-Logic palettes, changing colors to suit design needs is a breeze.

Enhanced Creative Control: The tool offers the ability to edit, add, or remove the applied Illustrator FX styles effortlessly.

Font Versatility: Switching fonts to create diverse and beautiful designs takes only seconds.

Compatibility: Text-FX is designed to be compatible with Color-Logic Pattern-FX, Gold, and Pro Palettes, ensuring seamless integration into existing design workflows.

Color-Logic Text-FX is available for purchase by licensed Color-Logic users. For more information, see


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Color-Logic Certifies Currie Group Demonstration Centre Serving Australia and New Zealand

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2024 -- Color-Logic, the worldwide leader in metallic colour systems and print embellishments, has certified the Currie Group Demonstration Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Commenting on the certification, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "The Currie Group, with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, has been a Color-Logic dealer since 2012. Now as a result of this recent certification, the Currie Group can demonstrate brilliant Color-Logic metallics and custom embellishments on the HP Indigo presses in their showrooms. Printers and their graphic designers from ANZ can now witness first-hand the power of Color-Logic software."

Also commenting on the certification was Mark Daws, Currie Group Director--Labels and Packaging ANZ, who said: "By gaining Color-Logic certification in the Currie Group Demonstration Centre, we can provide working proof of just how easy and consistent Color-Logic makes producing metallic labels and other print products. Printers throughout the ANZ region can now witness the simplicity and reproducibility of metallics with Color-Logic on a working press."


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Touch7 Announces Full Compliance with Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2024 -- Color-Logic, the exclusive worldwide distributor of Touch7, is pleased to announce that the Touch7 Color System is fully compliant with Adobe Creative Cloud 2024. Touch7 enables graphic designers and printers to accurately and predictably add neon and pastel colors into a design with just a few clicks of a mouse. Discussing the compliance, Touch7 developer and Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer Richard Ainge said: "The Touch7 Color System is an intuitive set of automated color palettes and and plugins for Adobe that enables users to add neon inks/toners or Enhanced Color Gamut (ECG) inks into their designs with ease. With Touch7, designers and printers can take full advantage of the popular fifth color ink/toner capabilities offered by the most modern digital presses."

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Color-Logic Announces Full Compliance with Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2024 -- The Color-Logic philosophy is embodied in our motto: All Print Starts With Design. As design tools like Adobe Creative Cloud evolve, Color-Logic evolves with them. As a result, Color-Logic is essentially the only system in the printing industry routinely developing palettes and plugins that give graphic designers complete control when creating metallics and print embellishments. Color-Logic enables designers to control metallics and embellishments on the press, eliminating post-finishing techniques that require significantly more time and steps. Said Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, when discussing how Color-Logic evolves with the most widely used design suite in the industry: "We take care to ensure the entire suite of Color-Logic products is fully compatible with the most current version of Adobe Creative Cloud. Licensed Color-Logic users can access and download the latest Color-Logic Design Suite for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign on the Color-Logic website under Installers. An optional upgrade provides designers with access to the full complement of 924 metallic colors and embellishments.

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