Embellishment Tips and Tricks Now Included in Color-Logic SMART Centre

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2023—The Color-Logic SMART Centre--available to licensed Color-Logic printers and their graphic designers--now includes extensive videos with answers to embellishment questions posed by Color-Logic users. Most of these questions involve how to use Color-Logic in conjunction with third-party applications or within Adobe Creative Cloud. Commenting on the Color-Logic Tips and Tricks feature, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer, said: "The Color-Logic Tips and Tricks section offers graphic designers solutions to specific embellishment issues that have plagued Color-Logic users. Each video details how to get the best out of Color-Logic designs and what to avoid when preparing files. Some videos focus on creating embellishments within Color-Logic, while others detail how to modify clients' designs for maximum embellishment effect."

Ainge continued: "Applications and topics currently available include: How to Use Color-Logic Image-FX to Enhance File Security; Creating Metallic Variable Data Printing within Adobe InDesign and Illustrator; Applying Gradients to Color-Logic Pattern-FX files; Combining Color-Logic with HP Mosaic; and Embellishment Differences between Digital and Conventional Printing. Regrettably, many graphic design curricula do not emphasize embellishment training, so Color-Logic is filling this void. The Color-Logic team of dedicated professionals consists of skilled prepress and graphic design professionals, all in their second decade in the field of metallic color separations. No other company offers the depth of metallic color expertise and innovation present in Color-Logic."


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