See Color-Logic Metallic Labels on the Dantex Labelexpo Europe 2023 Stand

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2023 -- Metallic labels produced using the Color-Logic system will be shown on the Labelexpo Europe 2023 stand of Dantex, Stand 9A34. Commenting on the labels to be shown, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Dantex Group became a Color-Logic partner nearly a year ago, and we are pleased to be affiliated with them at Labelexpo Europe 2023. Color-Logic is supported by the entire Dantex Pico range of presses."

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Color-Logic Certifies Dantex Label Presses

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2023—Color-Logic has certified Dantex label presses for use in producing labels using the Color-Logic Metallic Color System. Discussing the certification, Mark Geeves, Director of Color-Logic Sales and Marketing, said: "Color-Logic is pleased to certify the Dantex Pico range of label presses for use with Color-Logic. With the certification, Dantex joins the broad array of press and printer manufacturers enabling print providers to confidently offer Color-Logic metallics to their customers. Dantex offers a full range of presses with opaque white inks that make using Color-Logic simple. Noted for their extremely small droplet size, Dantex Pico label presses produce high quality at high speeds. Dantex presses are available through a global network of sales subsidiaries and distributors."

Justin Nowell, Digital Manager at Dantex, commenting on the certification, said: "Dantex is pleased to partner with Color-Logic and offer our customers assurance that their metallic files can be produced predictably and reliably, even from job to job over time. Consistency in label colors is extremely important to Dantex customers, and Color-Logic reliably extends that consistency to complex metallic images and solid colors."


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