Color-Logic Showcases Groundbreaking Metallic Communication at DRUPA 2024

West Chester, Ohio, USA; June 2024 -Color-Logic, the undisputed world leader in metallic color communication and embellishments for every printing process, made a significant impact at DRUPA 2024, further solidifying its position as one of the most innovative suppliers in the printing industry. With its pioneering technology utilizing silver ink or toner on conventional substrates, or white ink or toner on metallic stock, Color-Logic continues to revolutionize the way designers and brands approach print embellishment.

At DRUPA 2024, Color-Logic demonstrated its unrivaled capabilities, now supported by more than 115 digital and conventional printers and presses. In addition to its renowned metallic color communication, at DRUPA 2024 Color-Logic also showcased its support for digital cold foiling (known as sleeking), further expanding its portfolio of cutting-edge solutions.

Commenting on the exhibition, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "DRUPA 2024 provided us with an exceptional platform to showcase the transformative power of the Color-Logic technology. “The Color-Logic metallic system is unmatched in its ability to take into account substrates, inks, and press conditions, enabling designers and brands, together with licensed Color-Logic printers, to create predictable, consistent, and color-accurate embellishments."

Geeves continued: “The seamless integration of Color-Logic with Adobe Creative Cloud provides designers and prepress personnel with unparalleled control and flexibility over their creative projects. By incorporating Color-Logic into their workflow, graphic designers can unleash their creativity and enhance their designs with vibrant metallic colors and captivating embellishments. Color-Logic is not just a solution; it's a game-changer for printers interested or involved in print embellishment. No other system is like Color-Logic, and printers stand to benefit immensely by incorporating the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System into their portfolio."

DRUPA 2024 attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative capabilities of Color-Logic through live demonstrations and interactive sessions. From stunning metallic effects to precise metallic color matching, Color-Logic offers a comprehensive solution that empowers printers, designers, and brands to push the boundaries of print embellishment.

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Touch7 to Unveil Revolutionary Neon Color System at DRUPA 2024

West Chester, Ohio, USA; May 2024 -Touch7, a trailblazer in color separation and enhancement solutions, will debut its groundbreaking Touch7 Neon Color System™ at DRUPA 2024, the world's leading trade fair for printing technologies. Attendees can experience the future of color reproduction firsthand on the Ricoh stand in Hall 8A, where Touch7 will showcase its latest innovation designed to revolutionize the printing industry. Touch7 is compatible with Ricoh neon pink and yellow inks on their new Ricoh Pro 7500. At DRUPA 2024, attendees will see Touch7 expanded gamut and pastel colors utilizing these inks for vector colors. The Touch7 System also includes the Touch7 Photo Neon plugin for PhotoShop, which adds neon inks into images with just one mouse click, with no manual masking.

The Touch7 Neon Color System is the first and only accurate color system for neon/fluorescent colors for digital and conventional printing--anyone printing with neon or fluorescent inks or toners can use Touch7. Unlike current neon color systems—which do not take into separate account the paper/substrate, inks, press conditions, and coatings—the Touch7 system enables printers to produce their own swatch books on their own press. This eliminates the traditionak trial and error where designers and printers try to match colors that are not possible or do not take advantage of the gamut their press or printer provides.

Mark Geeves, Director of Sales and Marketing at Color-Logic, the exclusive distributor of Touch7, had this to say about the introduction: "At DRUPA 2024, Touch7 is proud to introduce our Neon Color System, empowering printers and designers to push the boundaries of color and creativity. Neon and pastel colors offer new opportunities for printers and graphic designers to help make their brand clients stand out from their competition. Touch7 will let printers with digital presses show marketers what can really be done with digital inks. It is no longer necessary to make digital presses simulate conventional printing processes."


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Color-Logic to Show Latest Print Embellishment and Metallic Color Innovations at DRUPA 2024

West Chester, Ohio, USA; May 2024 -As the world eagerly anticipates the return of DRUPA after an eight-year hiatus, Color-Logic, the global leader in print embellishment and metallic color systems, is set to captivate attendees with groundbreaking advancements. Partnering with Ricoh, Color-Logic will command attention on the Ricoh Stand in Hall 8A, where the cutting-edge Color-Logic software will be demonstrated on the new Ricoh Pro 7500 Digital press with specialty inks. Since the last DRUPA, the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System has been continuously refined to meet the evolving demands of printers, graphic designers, and brands seeking to differentiate themselves in the market while achieving predictable results, reducing waste, and reducing time to market.

Visitors to DRUPA 2024 can expect to witness significant enhancements from Color-Logic, including:

Expanded Metallic Colors Library: Color-Logic has expanded its metallic colors library from 250 to an impressive 924 shades. With just silver toner and paper, or with white toner and a silver-based metallic stock, printers now have access to a vast array of options, including 30 new gold colors. In total, the Color-Logic system offers 50 gold and bronze metallic shades in a single pass.

More Pattern-FX Volumes: Pattern-FX (introduced at DRUPA 2016), now boasts seven volumes, each containing 20 seamless patterns with six effects. Pattern-FX is compatible with all 924 Color-Logic metallic colors, offering designers an astounding 776,160 possible embellishments within Adobe Illustrator.

Debut of Text-FX: Making its European debut at DRUPA 2024, Text-FX includes 20 fully editable text styles that seamlessly integrate with Pattern-FX and Color-Logic color palettes, providing designers unparalleled creative flexibility.

FX-Viewer: Enabling designers and printers to preview Color-Logic effects before production, FX-Viewer eliminates guesswork and minimizes costly press time and material wastage by eliminating trial-and-error runs.

S.M.A.R.T. Centre: The Color-Logic comprehensive resource hub--the S.M.A.R.T. Centre--equips printers and graphic designers with the tools and knowledge needed to seamlessly implement embellishments. From software solutions to training resources, and with marketing tools and an extensive library of tips and tricks videos, the Color-Logic S.M.A.R.T. Centre ensures a smooth transition to enhanced print embellishment. Additionally, licensed Color-Logic printers receive more than 125 press-ready marketing files encompassing more than 300 SKUs to kickstart their marketing initiatives.

"At DRUPA 2024, Color-Logic is proud to showcase our latest innovations in print embellishment and metallic color systems, empowering printers and designers to unleash their creativity and deliver exceptional results," said Mark Geeves, Director of Color-Logic Sales and Marketing. DRUPA 2024 attendees are encouraged to visit the Ricoh Stand to experience Color-Logic's revolutionary solutions firsthand."

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Color-Logic Focuses on Embellishments Worldwide

West Chester, Ohio, USA; April 2024 -To help satisfy the worldwide interest in embellishments and metallic printing, the entire Color-Logic website has been designed to utilize Google Translate, thus enabling licensed Color-Logic printers, dealers, and OEM partners to quickly review how print embellishments are produced, and to formulate their own strategies for successful print embellishment implementation.

Commenting on this new service to markets around the world, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Two reasons why Color-Logic has become the preferred source of metallic printing and embellishments in more than 70 countries worldwide are the continued support of our software in non-English speaking countries, and our extensive use of training videos. The Color-Logic website is very visual and when viewed with website translation, it provides a good foundation to printers, agencies, and graphic designers, clearly demonstrating what is possible with print embellishment. Since Adobe Creative Cloud works the same in any language, the Color-Logic demonstration videos can be used reliably anywhere. Because we show Color-Logic tools creating the effects, the necessary steps to successful print embellishment can be readily interpreted by anyone familiar with Adobe design software. We constantly provide design tips, marketing templates, and demonstration files to our licensees and their key support personnel, making it easier to sell and demonstrate our embellishments."

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Color-Logic Verifies Three Canon Production Digital Presses for Skandacor SLEEKpro

West Chester, Ohio, USA; April 2024 -- Color-Logic has evaluated and verified "sleeking" on Canon's imagePRESS V900, V1000, and V1350 presses, using the Skandacor SLEEKpro process. The process evaluated enables owners of Canon imagePRESS series presses to produce up to 924 foil colors with a single silver-based foil. The process also enables Canon printers to produce a wide array of embellishments with Color-Logic palettes and plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud™.

Commenting on the process, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "The Skandacor process, together with Color-Logic software and the extraordinary registration of Canon imagePRESS digital presses, is the perfect means of producing sleeking. The Color-Logic design tools create a single separation containing all the colors and effects. The Color-Logic separation is printed with Canon black toner and is then sent through the Skandacor foiling unit where the foil only attaches to the black toner. This foiled sheet is then sent back through the Canon digital press where CMYK inks are printed atop the file. The results are outstanding foiled sheets for a variety of printing applications including direct mail, counter signs, certificates, coupons, and cartons. This sleeking solution can open new markets and applications for the users of these Canon digital presses."

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