Novachrome Digital Design and Imaging Expands Existing Color-Logic License at No Cost

West Chester, Ohio, USA; May 2023—In 2013, Novachrome Digital Design and Imaging, in the St. Louis suburb of Brentwood, Missouri, purchased Color-Logic software and began producing exciting metallic images on their FujiFilm Acuity and Canon Arizona large format presses. Recently, Novachrome purchased the new FujiFilm Prime large format engine. To increase Novachrome productivity and to broaden their ability to utilize Color-Logic for enhancing point-of-purchase, signage, packaging prototypes, and short run labels with metallic embellishments for their brand customers, Novachrome immediately submitted test forms from the new FujiFilm Prime for Color-Logic certification. According to Richard Ainge, Color-Logic Chief Technology Officer and developer of the Color-Logic System, “The printed test form sheets supplied by Novachrome indicated that their new FujiFilm Prime produces all Color-Logic embellishments and metallic colors in proper fashion.”

Commenting further upon the Novachrome installation, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves commented: "Unlike most print software today, Color-Logic provides licensees with a lifetime site license that enables Color-Logic clients to utilize our metallic embellishments and metallic color system on any device we support. When printers like Novachrome acquire new equipment--as Novachrome did with their new FufiFilm Prime--they can continue to enjoy the benefits of Color-Logic metallics and embellishments at no additional cost."

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Color-Logic Certifies Slater-Harrison Centura Reflect Argent Substrate for Ricoh 7200 Series Presses

West Chester, Ohio, USA; May 2023—Slater-Harrison Centura Reflect Argent substrate has been certified by Color-Logic for use on Ricoh Pro 7200S presses. According to the company, the Slater-Harrison Centura Reflect Argent substrate, a recyclable metallic paper, contains no plastic or metallic pigments and is fully environmentally sustainable. The substrate was tested in the Color-Logic laboratories on 136 gsm sheets from the Ricoh press, but is available with alternative liners for roll-fed printers. Slater-Harrison substrates are distributed in the UK and Europe.

Commenting on the certification, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "The newly qualified Slater-Harrison substrate is particularly appropriate for printers seeking to produce labels for the craft beer, wine, and spirits markets, as well as customers requiring sticker labels or decals. The substrate also permits printers to produce authentic prototype labels before moving to volume production."

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