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Compatible with both Silver ink/toner and White ink/toner based printing devices, the Color-Logic System™ is the worlds first color communication system that takes into account the printing device, inks, press profile and coatings unique to the printer and provides designers, brands, printers and convertors with an accurate color communication and print embellishment system to work from.

The Color-Logic System™ consists of three primary components:
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Printers Color Communication System

Printers are granted a license to print and manufacture Color-Logic swatch books off their own press. This provides a 100% color accurate metallic system for your clients

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Color-Logic Design Suite™

Create beautiful metallic embellishments with a click of the mouse using automated metallic color palettes and plugins for Adobe® CS/CC and never make a white ink mask again!

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See Color-Logic formatted designs on-screen in metallic, using a virtual proofing system and set clear expectations for how the printed output will appear.

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