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Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink is a conventional offset ink, which is a "first-down" metallic and enables printers to create an extended color gamut of metallic colors by printing their process inks over it. Because most CMYK process inks are translucent, the Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink can shine through and create a diverse range of metallic colors! These metallic colors can be used to create dividers for sections within a booklet, text and key lines, background effects around an image so it pops off the page, or dramatic metallic gradients from one metallic hue to another.

Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink prints at a very thin ink film thickness (density) which allows for better control on press.

Traditional silver inks lose luster when used with any type of coating.
Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink retains its luster after aqueous or UV coating, varnishing, and even lamination. It is an ideal all-round ink whenever a protective coating is required. It has excellent intercoat adhesion, and can be used for blister pack applications and foil stamping!
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Key Facts

Retains it’s luster when aqueous or UV coated, or gloss laminated
Ink film thickness (density) is 40 percent less than conventional metallic silver ink, reducing ink consumption
Reduces ink inventory – One silver ink creates all 250 Color-Logic metallic colors. No need to mix or tint individual metallics for each job!
Can be used as a stand-alone silver, or in conjunction with the Process Metallic Color System
Utilize Color-Logic BEST Offest Silver Ink* for all your other offset metallic print requirements!

Brings value to print by adding uniqueness and differentiation to designs and products
Economical – combined with process inks, produces hundreds of metallic colors, reducing your inventory of spot metallic inks
Special effects – create dynamic special effects using silver and CMYK inks
Tack – print over Color-Logic BEST Silver or even coat it without losing the metallic effect

* Color-Logic branded inks may only be purchased and printed by licensed Color-Logic printers
Prove it to yourself ... Test Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink with the Color-Logic Starter Kit! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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