Color-Logic Certifies Polyart Double-Sided Substrates

West Chester, Ohio, USA; March 2022—Color-Logic has certified two Polyart Ultrametal Dual-Sided substrates--a 125 GSM and a 360 GSM version--for use on Ricoh Pro C7200 series presses. Discussing the certification, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic CTO and CoFounder, said: "The surface of the Polyart Ultrametal Silver substrate is unique in that the metallic effect is created by embedding specialized metallic pigments in the coating. This coating offers a matte, nonconductive surface with outstanding printability on the Ricoh press. Polyart--a merger of substrate-makers Arjobex, MDV, Tech Folien and Reisewitz--is rolling out their line of specialty substrates around the world. Polyart film and paper solutions are targeted at the specialty label market (industrial, decorative and security), as well as digital printing and the display market. Two-sided substrates are particularly useful when printing items such as brochures, direct mail pieces, countersigns, business cards, catalogs, book or magazine covers, tickets, and greeting cards that must be seen from either side. For product details and specifications, see"

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