See Color-Logic Metallic Labels on the Dantex Labelexpo Europe 2023 Stand

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2023 -- Metallic labels produced using the Color-Logic system will be shown on the Labelexpo Europe 2023 stand of Dantex, Stand 9A34. Commenting on the labels to be shown, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Dantex Group became a Color-Logic partner nearly a year ago, and we are pleased to be affiliated with them at Labelexpo Europe 2023. Color-Logic is supported by the entire Dantex Pico range of presses."

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Color-Logic Certifies Canon Colorado M-series Printers with White Ink

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2023 -- Color-Logic has announced certification of Canon Colorado M-series printers with white ink. Commenting on the certification, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "The new Canon Colorado M-series printers with white ink are the latest addition to the Color-Logic certification list. When imaging on metallic stock, Canon Colorado M-series printers with white ink, together with Color-Logic software, deliver outstanding images and, provide incredible door-openers for Canon printer owners. Particularly outstanding print opportunities with this combination range from personalized short-run labels to end caps, countertop displays, and signage."

Mathieu Peeters, Senior Director Strategic Marketing Large Format Graphics at Canon Production Printing said: “We see an enormous demand for the Colorado M-series, especially by the new application opportunities provided with white ink, featuring all benefits known from UVgel technology. Printing on non-white, transparent, magnetic, and metallic media for retail, packaging, and interior décor applications are just a few examples. Color-Logic, in combination with Colorado M-series, provides great new opportunities for Print Service Providers with stunning effects on metallic media. I am extremely proud that besides the Arizona flatbed printers, now also the Colorado M-series roll-to-roll printers are certified.”

For an overview of certified printers and presses see:


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Color-Logic: White is the New Gold!™

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2023White is the New Gold!™ -- the latest slogan from Color-Logic -- offers profound implications for several members of the printing community. The slogan, which refers to the value of the white inks and toners currently offered by most print engine manufacturers, emphasizes the value white inks and toners bring to the industry. Referencing the new slogan, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves says: "The widespread availability of white inks and toners on production printing equipment brings opportunities for metallics and other print enhancements to everyone. Here are some examples:"

"For Printers: White inks and /toners, in combination with the Color-Logic system, enable printers to produce Color-Logic embellishments in a single pass of their press, with no post-finishing required.

"For Graphic Designers: With Color-Logic, designers need not worry about creating a white ink mask, since the Color-Logic system automatically generates the white ink separation at the RIP, eliminating the need for prepress personnel to create time-consuming complex white ink masks. With Color-Logic and Adobe Creative Cloud, designing with white on the press is effortless and foolproof.

"For Brands or Marketers: White inks and toners on metallic stock bring a WOW factor to direct mail, packaging, labels, signage, and point-of-purchase material. With Color-Logic, metallic special effects are economical and time-to-market is dramatically reduced. Specifying a Color-Logic licensed printer makes marketing sense.

"White is the New Gold!™ because everyone benefits."


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