Latest Color-Logic Case Study Details Use of Metallics in Rebranding Effort

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2021— The latest Color-Logic case study details how Tactive--an Indianapolis digital printer--used Color-Logic metallics as part of a successful rebranding effort. Commenting on the case study, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "After nearly 20 years of successful operation as Print Resources, in 2020 the owners elected to change the business name to Tactive--indicating their business was far broader than just printing. The rebranding effort they undertook provides other printers with a blueprint for changing their image and indicating a more diverse portfolio, with printing just one of many services offered. Color-Logic metallics were an important service used to open doors and demonstrate company capabilities. The case study is available by request from Tactive and may be downloaded from the Color-Logic website"

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