Embellishment Tips and Tricks Now Included in Color-Logic SMART Centre

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2023—The Color-Logic SMART Centre--available to licensed Color-Logic printers and their graphic designers--now includes extensive videos with answers to embellishment questions posed by Color-Logic users. Most of these questions involve how to use Color-Logic in conjunction with third-party applications or within Adobe Creative Cloud. Commenting on the Color-Logic Tips and Tricks feature, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer, said: "The Color-Logic Tips and Tricks section offers graphic designers solutions to specific embellishment issues that have plagued Color-Logic users. Each video details how to get the best out of Color-Logic designs and what to avoid when preparing files. Some videos focus on creating embellishments within Color-Logic, while others detail how to modify clients' designs for maximum embellishment effect."

Ainge continued: "Applications and topics currently available include: How to Use Color-Logic Image-FX to Enhance File Security; Creating Metallic Variable Data Printing within Adobe InDesign and Illustrator; Applying Gradients to Color-Logic Pattern-FX files; Combining Color-Logic with HP Mosaic; and Embellishment Differences between Digital and Conventional Printing. Regrettably, many graphic design curricula do not emphasize embellishment training, so Color-Logic is filling this void. The Color-Logic team of dedicated professionals consists of skilled prepress and graphic design professionals, all in their second decade in the field of metallic color separations. No other company offers the depth of metallic color expertise and innovation present in Color-Logic."

Example Video from the Tips & Tricks Section of SMART Centre:


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Color-Logic S.M.A.R.T Centre Expands on Color-Logic YouTube How-To Videos

West Chester, Ohio, USA; April 2022—Smart graphic designers and prepress personnel already know that Color-Logic offers hundreds of videos detailing how to effortlessly produce sparkling metallics. But licensed Color-Logic printers and their customers find much more detailed instruction in the Color-Logic SMART Centre. These Color-Logic "insiders" have access to the entire world of metallic printing, including how to manipulate metallic files in widely available software like Adobe Creative Cloud, HP Mosaic, and XMPie, as well as how to add Color-Logic Security-FX techniques into images and files. Discussing the enhanced instruction available, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Color-Logic has taken the mystery out of metallics. Access to the Tips and Tricks section of the Color-Logic SMART Centre provides designers still another level of metallics simplification, including how to incorporate metallic designs in individually personalized files and how to use metallics in the latest digital, conventional, and hybrid presses. The many Color-Logic videos and instruction sets available have been fully vetted by our Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, Richard Ainge--a widely recognized authority in metallic design and printing."


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New Color-Logic S.M.A.R.T Centre Provides Printers with Everything Needed to Sell Metallic Printing and Embellishments

West Chester, Ohio, USA; August 2021— Color-Logic has announced that its licensed printers and graphic designers now have access to the Color-Logic S.M.A.R.T Centre. The S.M.A.R.T (Software, Marketing, Artwork, Resources, and Training) Centre provides ready access to the latest Color-Logic software, marketing tools for sales and marketing teams, more than 100 press-ready metallic artwork files, and training materials illustrating how to utilize metallics from design to printed materials.

Announcing the S.M.A.R.T Centre concept, Mark Geeves, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing, said: "Since Color-Logic is now used in more than 70 countries around the world, we support our solutions around the clock. Every question received from users is automatically added to our FAQ list, so after more than ten years of providing printers with the answers to their metallic questions, we have the most complete compilation of metallic tips and tricks available anywhere. Now more than ever, as brands and businesses come to realize the power of metallics in their marketing materials, our licensees can quickly find the answers to their questions."

Geeves continued: "When COVID-19 hit, we saw an increased need to provide our licensed printers and graphic designers with cloud-based access to training videos, shortcuts, and the Color-Logic FAQs. With so many printers relying on remote operation, the Color-Logic S.M.A.R.T Centre stands as a great resource, enabling our licensees to grow their client base outside their normal geographic location."


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New Color-Logic Release Supports Adobe Creative Cloud 2021

West Chester, Ohio, USA; March 2021— The latest Color-Logic metallic software is fully compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud 2021. Discussing the update, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic CTO and cofounder, said: "Color-Logic continues to maintain compatibility with the latest Adobe creative software. At Color-Logic, we believe that All Print Starts with Design, and we keep up with the most current versions of the popular design software used around the world. With Color-Logic and Adobe Creative Cloud 2021, licensed Color-Logic designers everywhere can add metallic embellishments into their print files. Color-Logic provides licensed printers and graphic designers with access to the latest software updates through the Color-Logic SMART Centre."

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Color-Logic Relaunches 202One Program for Licensed Printers

West Chester, Ohio, USA; October 2020— Color-Logic, the world leader in software for print embellishment, has announced their 202One relaunch program for licensed printers enrolled in the Color-Logic SMART Centre Program (Software, Marketing, Artwork, Resources, Training).

Discussing the Relaunch program, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, said: "When the COVID-19 Outbreak began, Color-Logic immediately focused on what printers would need when markets began reopening. The Color-Logic customer base is global and we serve markets ranging from packaging and label, commercial print, point-of-purchase, signage, and direct mail. Our diverse customer base means we must consider geographic location and target markets when seeking to support our clients. Accordingly, we broke our Relaunch 202One program into 3 stages--much like the May 2020 Spacex launch. The Color-Logic Relaunch is not just about getting off the ground, but about getting where you want to go and the ability to land on target. At Color-Logic, we seek to help our clients not just in 2020, but in 2021, when it will be necessary to reach out to new clients and to reengage current clients.

"Stage 1 of the Color-Logic 202One Relaunch is the ignition stage, and features improved training for graphic designers and prepress personnel. The Color-Logic motto:
All Print Starts With Design. speaks to the fact that our core focus is to develop design tools permitting any graphic designer to enhance their designs with the Color-Logic embellishments and metallic color system. While COVID-19 continues, the Color-Logic self-paced online training videos and our new master class videos show our licensees how to work effectively with agencies, graphic designers, and brands around the world.

"Stage 2 of the Color-Logic 202One Relaunch is our booster stage, and focuses on content. Since potential customers cannot know what is possible in print without seeing actual samples, Color-Logic has 35 new designs. Thus licensed printers now have 100 press-ready marketing files for virtually every application we support. Before COVID-19, most printers had neither the time nor resources to create their own marketing files, so this part of our license provides the door opener necessary to reach out to prospects with physical samples.

"Stage 3 of the Color-Logic 202One Relaunch is our Payload stage. Color-Logic now provides licensed printers enrolled in our SMART Program with a free Color-Logic Design Suite, FX-Viewer, and Pattern-FX single seat license valued at US$1050. This software package may be given by a Color-Logic licensee to an external client, which makes it much easier for the licensee to land a new account, agency, brand, or graphic designer and drive more business to their press.

"Although 2020 has been a worldwide challenge, print is not about to vanish. Surviving in the new environment, however, means pivoting, reopening, restructuring, or relaunching. The need to differentiate and to stand out will not vanish, and the technologies available today makes the Color-Logic staff optimistic about our future and our ability to deliver our clients the software, training, education, and consulting to make a difference in the print marketplace."

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