Color-Logic Announces Full Compliance with Adobe Creative Cloud 2024

West Chester, Ohio, USA; January 2024 -- The Color-Logic philosophy is embodied in our motto: All Print Starts With Design. As design tools like Adobe Creative Cloud evolve, Color-Logic evolves with them. As a result, Color-Logic is essentially the only system in the printing industry routinely developing palettes and plugins that give graphic designers complete control when creating metallics and print embellishments. Color-Logic enables designers to control metallics and embellishments on the press, eliminating post-finishing techniques that require significantly more time and steps. Said Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, when discussing how Color-Logic evolves with the most widely used design suite in the industry: "We take care to ensure the entire suite of Color-Logic products is fully compatible with the most current version of Adobe Creative Cloud. Licensed Color-Logic users can access and download the latest Color-Logic Design Suite for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign on the Color-Logic website under Installers. An optional upgrade provides designers with access to the full complement of 924 metallic colors and embellishments.

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