Color-Logic to Release New Pattern-FX Designs at Printing United 2019 in Dallas

West Chester, Ohio, USA; October 2019—At Printing United 2019, October 23-25 in Dallas, Texas, Color-Logic will release 20 new holiday patterns in its Pattern-FX series, bringing the total number of patterns to more than 100. Commenting on the expanded pattern offering, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "Complex recurring patterns are seen everywhere today--in clothing, packaging, direct mail, social media, even in products. But incorporating patterns into design is a tedious, time-consuming process that often frustrates graphic designers and product managers. The latest suite in the Color-Logic Pattern-FX series brings out 20 holiday patterns, each incorporating six special effects. Color-Logic Pattern-FX provides graphic designers with seamless patterns as an Illustrator palette. Using the Color-Logic Design Suite and metallic color palettes, designers can utilize these patterns into printed marketing pieces in just minutes."

Geeves continued: "Color-Logic Pattern-FX can be used to create micro-emboss plates or intricate varnish layers, and can be combined to create print that truly outshines competition. All Color-Logic patterns come predefined as Metallic, Dimensional-FX, Watermark-FX, Watermark-FX Plus, Emboss, and Varnish. The continued focus at Color-Logic is to help the graphic designer utilize the press at licensed Color-Logic printers to minimize waste and produce embellishments and metallic colors the world has never seen before. Color-Logic Pattern-FX provide predictable and reproducible results for print embellishment when working with licensed Color-Logic printers around the world."

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