Chongolove Chooses Color-Logic, Combines Print and Video for Marketing Impact

West Chester, Ohio, USA; September 2020— Chongolove, a new company offering a free app enabling users to make and deliver custom videos, chose Color-Logic metallic embellishments to enhance their product. Chongolove buyers, after downloading the Chongolove app, scan a Chongolove sticker with their smartphone and use the app to record a video targeted at a specific friend or relative. The Chongolove sticker then may be attached to a greeting card, postcard, or gift. Upon receipt, the sticker recipient can scan the sticker and view the custom video. Chongolove stickers are sold on the Amazon website in sets of three for less than US$7; the app is free.

Armand Dieng, Chongolove Founder/President, discussing the product design, said: "We were looking for a sticker design that would be strikingly different and call attention to our unique video concept. When we visited the HP Indigo Atlanta demonstration center and they suggested Color-Logic metallics, we immediately knew it would literally make our stickers shine. We are now rolling out the Chongolove product, and initial acceptance is great!"

Color-Logic Director of Marketing Mark Geeves, commenting on the product, said: "The Chongolove concept is an excellent example of how print and video can be combined, and how print can help a product like the Chongolove sticker stand out, capture market attention, and facilitate use by consumers. Starting with the basic Chongolove design, the Color-Logic design studio group worked with Armond to add metallic colors and embellishments in the background to make it look three dimensional."

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