Color-Logic Certifies South African Dealer and Demo Center

West Chester, Ohio, USA; June 2023—Color-Logic has announced certification of Altron Document Solutions, the authorized Xerox distributor in South Africa and 26 sub-Saharan African countries. Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, commenting on the appointment, said: "By naming Altron Document Solutions a Certified Color-Logic dealer, we are bringing consistent, reproducible metallic printing and embellishments to South Africa. Our partnership with Altron ensures that printers throughout South Africa can see first-hand the 924 Color-Logic metallic colors and many embellishments available with Xerox Dry Silver ink on conventional substrates or Xerox White Dry ink on metallic stocks."

The Altron Document Solutions certification included Color-Logic sample sheets printed on the Xerox Iridesse, using Xerox Silver Dry and CMYK inks. Richard Ainge, Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer and a Color-Logic founder, commenting on the certification, said: "The certification samples were of excellent quality, demonstrating the consistency of the Xerox Silver Dry ink for metallic printing and embellishments."

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