Log4j vulnerabilities

Log4j vulnerabilities

Color-Logic is not affected by Log4j vulnerabilities and we don't use any third party open source Log4j libraries.

Color-Logic is primarily palettes and plugins, none of which are actually "software", which load into Adobe products and whilst we do use java scripting in our plugins, it is just a script to run adobe commands within Photoshop and does not use any Log4j libraries, nor do our plugins have any debugging abilities. The framework of our plugins are HTML5, with jsx scripts for each button, but we are currently rebuilding all plugins in UXP in order to be compliant with the latest Mac OS architecture and M1 chip computers which also will not be affected by Log4j.

Our standalone application program, FX-Viewer, does not use any Log4j libraries and installs on the clients Mac desktop. We also use a 3rd party RIP, Ghostscript, which is used to process PDFs to TIFF to be viewed in our FX-Viewer, this program is also not affected by Log4j,
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Lastly, our S.M.A.R.T Center support system is hosted and controlled via our website portal and the security login system we use to grant access to S.M.A.R.T Center is PHP / MySQL based, not Java, so is not affected by Log4j.

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