Why is it important to use gloss paper?

When printing a metallic ink it is extremely important to consider the base substrate that it will print onto. In most cases this would be a paper substrate. Although there are many kinds of papers in the market, it is important to consider the type of media - such as gloss, silk, matt, uncoated etc. As with all metallic ink systems, the Color-Logic system is best suited to a gloss white art paper. This type of paper has a smooth surface and will give the best holdout and reflection for the metallic inks. If you use a dull or silk paper, the metallic ink is absorbed slightly into the paper and you lose some of the metallic brilliance. If you were to use an uncoated paper, the results would decrease further. Visit our web site for a listing of certified substrates we have tested with our system.

NOTE: The surface texture of papers will also effect the orientation of the metallic pigment - this is the way in which the metallic particles reflect light. If there are microscopic pits and ripples in the paper it will cause the metallic flakes to reflect light poorly.

TOP TIP: A primer can be used to seal an uncoated paper substrate in order to create a smooth printing surface for the metallic, or a spot white ink to seal specific key areas to the print (i.e the metallic areas) can also be used.

Color-Logic certified Paper Manufacturers:
For a comprehensive list of Color-Logic certified paper suppliers, please
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