What is the estimated ink coverage per square metre, for your BEST Offset Silver ink?

Full Flood Silver (the entire sheet) – 2-3grams per Square meter. We would suggest using a calculation of 3g/sq meter for estimating purposes, but it is more realistically closer to 2grams. And of course is dependent on ink film thickness (we recommend a print density of 0.30D - 0.35D T black channel, unpolarized, 0.60-0.70 black channel polarised).

As all jobs vary, and depends on what areas contain metallics, you will have to do some manual calculations based on the above figure. We would suggest breaking it down into sections as follows:

100% Coverage – 3g per m2
75% Coverage – 2.25g per m2 
50% Coverage – 1.5g per m2
25% Coverage – .75g per m2

IMPORTANT: Please watch and monitor your ink consumption levels for more accurate readings as these are only estimates and may fluctuate depending on types of press, ink waste and make ready etc.

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