What is the "BEST Offset silver ink" that you sell?

Color-Logic calls it's conventional litho offset ink the “BEST” ink as it uses a special ink formulation, which is designed so that you can use a varnish, coating, sealer or lamination over your print and it won’t effect the metallic luster. Our inks have been formulated to run at a low ink density versus traditional metallic inks.

Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver part number
# CL4713-BOS-01

The BEST ink name comes from the following points about the inks ability:

Brings value to print by adding uniqueness and differentiation for your designs and customers
Economical - combined with process inks you can produce hundreds of metallic colors
Special effects – create effects in the image area of products by printing a combination of CMYK inks on top
Tack – you can print process inks on top of the BEST Silver or even coat it and you will not lose the metallic effect

NOTE: All Color-Logic metallic silver inks contain aluminum pigment (flakes). They DO NOT contain any heavy alloys, which means that our ink can be recycled.

Read the article about our BEST offset ink,

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