How does Color-Logic handle software updates and maintenance?

All updates are handled via the S.M.A.R.T Centre area on our website. Our licensed printers have their own unique login area, with their own installers, with their own unique passwords – It's those installations that we track by linking the printer login area with the installations via IP addresses.

Here's an example of a printers access details, which is unique to that printer:


A Printers external customers, agencies, designers etc, who purchase one of the printers "Design Suite & FX-Viewer" vouchers, is then provided with a similar PDF – Designers have a separate URL landing page, but it is linked to the printers account, they would also be provided with their own login Username and Password. 

Here's an example of access details for an external designer, which is linked directly to the printers account:


Provided that the Printer stays within our S.M.A.R.T Centre program, all parties will always have access to our latest installers (simply go to the INSTALLERS tab and access the latest updates)


If the printer decides to opt out of our S.M.A.R.T Centre program, the links to both the Printers account and all their external customer accounts is cancelled, and as such, nobody will have access to the locked area.

Sometimes a designer/agency will take their business elsewhere! If this happens and the printer no longer wants that agency to have access to the locked area, all that printer needs to do is notify us – We then issue the printer with a new login password, which would also be issued to each of their external customers, except the customer who should no longer have access.

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