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John Charnock Advisory Board
John is a veteran of the printing industry and has been at the forefront of print technology for over 20 years. He has managed change within the industry from the introduction of Desk Top Publishing in the 90’s through projects for development of dynamic client interfaces using web 2.0. John has unparalleled knowledge of most aspects of the printing industry from the client interface through all types of printing (digital and traditional) to bindery, finishing and fulfillment. Mr. Charnock served at a major UK PLC business at the executive board level with a thorough knowledge of the financial drivers and decisions for sound investment and profitability within a printing organization. John now advises many of the major equipment suppliers on the future requirements of the industry, at executive and CEO level.
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John Sweeney Advisory Board
A vocal proponent of standards in the Graphic Arts, John is known for successfully launching new color measurement, color control and color management technologies in the printing industry.  He resides in Pittsburgh, PA and is a graduate of the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. He serves as Vice President Membership and Marketing, and on the TAGA Board of Directors, is a member of the SNAP, GRACoL and SWOP committees, and was Vice President Pressroom and Executive Committee member of the R&E Council of NAPL, and is a member of the R&E Council Nonpareil Society.  He also served on the IDEAlliance Board of Directors

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