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Seeing is believing! That's why we developed a press ready test form containing all the Color-Logic decorative print embellishments. Simply add your logos and branding, and print them out on your device to see the wide range of metallic effects possible off your own printing press.

The Starter kits for conventional litho offset includes 1x 2lb. can of BEST Offset Silver ink. For all other printing processes you would use your own metallic and/or white inks
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Our Print Test Forms consist of two pages – The first page contains a selection of artworks designed using Color-Logic. The second page shows examples of the primary Color-Logic effects that were used to create the designs on the first page.

  • Available in various sizes to suit your press.
  • Includes an analysis report of your printed press sheets (instrumentation and visual assessment)
  • Scan the QR codes on the test forms to learn more.

Options: US Letter and A4 sizes available.

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