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How can I proof Color-Logic?

To ensure color accuracy, Color-Logic recommends the use of Press Proofing, however, for the iterative steps in proofing before final sign off, there are many systems capable of printing either a metallic silver ink and/or a white ink for printing on metallic substrates. Each of those devices may be calibrated and profiled to get you a proof that is close to the final print, but to obtain a 100% color accurate proof, you have to proof on the machine that will print the job!

Color-Logic Swatch Books and/or Color Charts
The Color-Logic Swatch Books and Color Charts are an effect-proof in themselves! Printed by your printer, they contain the 250 swatches that are achievable with our system. So when you want to see how a metallic color appears, your swatch books and collar charts should be your first point of reference.
Virtual effect-proofs
There are a few application programs available in the market that can simulate on screen your metallic designs. There’s our very own FX-Viewer and also Remote Director, IC3D and the Esko Visualizer.

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Hard copy effect-proofs
There are several proofing systems in the market that are capable of producing effect-proofs™. For more information, please contact one of the manufacturers below.
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NOTE: Please note that the above hard copy proofing devices will give a higher luster and an increased hue on the proof compared with on a conventional printing press due to the dry trapping of the donor materials used, and as such should only be used as an Effect Proof for for metallic content.

We continue to develop solutions with a variety of current and future partners to support proofing and effects requirements of our clients. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us via the
partner inquiry.

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