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Award Certificate - HP Indigo & Scodix

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Acculink -  North Carolina, USA

Carton Sample

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Amerilam - Tennessee USA

Christmas cards with Scodix

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Acculink - North Carolina, USA

Clemson Football Pass

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Acculink - North Carolina, USA

Label on Domino press

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Domino NA - Illinois USA

DRUPA Business cards on HP Indigo

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HP Indigo, Israel


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Masterpiece Graphix - Missouri USA

Goodies DVD sleeve

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HP Indigo - Israel

Direct mail piece on HP Indigo

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Acculink - North Carolina, USA

Shrink Sleeves on HP Indigo (DRUPA)

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HP Indigo - Israel

Tickets (Larry Bird Event) with Scodix

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Acculink - North Carolina, USA



4 Seasons Invitation

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 O'Neil Printing, Arizona USA

Addy Awards Booklet

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Crest Graphics - Ohio USA

Blister Pack for fishing lure

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Rohrer Corp - Ohio USA

Boston Ballet

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Integrity Graphics - Connecticut USA

Boston Ballet Poster

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Integrity Graphics - Connecticut USA

Carton sample

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West Coast Graphics, Florida USA

Watch Brochure

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Laura Manthey Design
Sprint Denver - Colorado USA

Metallic Calendar

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Oriel Printing - Hull, UK

Event Program

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Reed & Witting Printing - Pennsylvania USA

Blister Pack
(self promotion)

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Roher Corp. - Ohio USA

Self Promotion

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Sprint Denver - Colorado USA

AGFA on RTape

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Image-FX samples
(Photoshop Extension)

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Novachrome - Missouri USA

Floor Tile piece
(self promotion)

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NovaChrome - Missouri USA

Star poster

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NovaChrome - Missouri USA

Cold Foil with API foils
on Mark Andy press

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Mark Andy - UK

Cold Foil application
API foils on Mark Andy

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Mark Andy - UK





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