HP Indigo

Printing with White Ink on HP Indigo Presses, what do I need to do?

Commercial Sheetfed HP Indigo Digital Presses We recommend to use only TWO hits of white ink when printing designs created using the Color-Logic Design Suite. NOTE: Due to the opacity of white inks, if you use more hits, it will harm the Color-Logic effects and will not look very good (the more white you use, the less the substrate can come through!) Industrial HP Indigo Digital Presses There are two versions of HP Electro White Ink for the Industrial HP Indigo Digital presses. “Original white Ink” and “White Plus” – The new white plus is a vastly more opaque white ink which does not have the same level of screening ability to the original white ink! Color-Logic therefore recommends the use of the original HP Electro White ink due to this opacity difference. IMPORTANT: Using the original white ink will allow for all the Color-Logic effects to work correctly. Due to the opacity of the new “White Plus”, the new ink can effect the subtle special effects that are available with the Color-Logic system and also within the tonal ranges within photographic white ink separations.

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