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TERMS & CONDITIONS The resources, artworks and associated media supplied within this Client Login area, are the property of Color-Logic Inc. Access to this area and the use of the supplied files is for the sole use of licensed customers, and demo centres and/or resellers that hold a valid Color-Logic NFR license. The printing of these files without prior approval, or the removal or cropping off, of the Color-Logic logos and/or branding, will be regarded as a violation of our copyright. Files generated using the Color-Logic system may only be printed by a Color-Logic licensed Printers, or NFR Demo Centres. If you do not hold a valid Color-Logic license and you are asked to access and print the files contained within, please contact us for permission. IMPORTANT: Please do not provide your login details, or any of the digital artwork files, to your customers as they form part of the saleable goods provided by Color-Logic. You are permitted only to access, download and print the artworks contained herewith, for the sole purpose of demonstrating the Color-Logic system and to provide printed samples to your clients.

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