Process Metallic Color System

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This movie will give you a brief overview of our system and then a short demonstration indicating how fast our tools allow clients to add effects and dimension to their product packaging, labels, Point of Purchase, direct mail, literature or other printed collateral.

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6:50 m:s runtime

Watch our movie about FX-Viewer. Take 4 minutes - see how to use the FX-Viewer!

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3:56 m:s runtime

Watch our Masterclass video on Photoshop Panel Plugin

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7:27 m:s runtime

Watch our Masterclass video on Illustrator Graphic Styles

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2:08 m:s runtime

Color-Logic: White Ink Masking
In this video we are converted 24 labels in record time. Automated white ink masking. Never make a white mask again!… it is all done by using our system… simply and without pain. 

The artwork was converted using the Color-Logic Design Suite™ an intuitive color pallet and plugin system available for designers for only $199.

The final converted files was then visualized on screen using the Color-Logic FX-Viewer™, a $400 software program that shows you the metallic effects on your computer screen prior to going to proof or print, ensuring you create your designs correctly and eliminating those costly prepress charges of trial and error proofing!

To obtain a copy of the Color--Logic Design Suite and/or FX-Viewer, please contact one of our Premier Certified Printers at

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9:52 m:s runtime

Color-Logic: Tissue Box Packaging Tutorial
This video demonstrates using our system to create a fictitious tissue package that can be used for printing silver ink + CMYK or printing white + CMYK on a metallic substrate. One design, two printing options! FX-Viewer (our software for viewing designs created with our tools on screen) is used to show the design before going to press. Also shown, is Esko Visualizer to take the design and create a 3D package and see that in a virtual environment as well.

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12:36 m:s runtime

Color-Logic: Energy Drink Poster Tutorial
In this tutorial we are creating a "metallized" poster for a fictitious "Buzz" brand using the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System. Using our system allows Variable Data to be easily integrated into the design. No white ink mask has to be created… as it is all done by using our system… no headaches.

This design is ideal for large format UV inkjet printers! But can optimized for other printing processes as well.

The results are shown in Color-Logic's FX-Viewer app… that allows users to move the design and see the effects at various angles and lighting.

We also show the design using Esko Visualizer for the ultimate viewing and manipulating of the design in a virtual environment on a computer screen.

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14:56 m:s runtime

Color-Logic - Business Card conversions to Metallic using the Color-Logic System 
We had a printer who does a significant number of business cards a day ask about using Color-Logic for making business cards metallic. The customer had this file and Color-Logic converted it using our Image-FX Photoshop script in 10 seconds. 

In this movie, we showed the customer how he would still add some effects to the cards versus just making them metallic. This short movie demonstrates the power of Color-Logic and what can be done in a few minutes. 

Business cards are very important in first impressions!

How long would this take them without us? We did similar conversions at the live at the last DRUPA. The printer said each card would take them about 20 to 25 minutes and with Color-Logic, we did all 20 cards in 20 minutes and sheets came off the press in 30 minutes!

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6:43 m:s runtime

Color-Logic: Label printing for metallics - no more white ink masks & works with metallic inks too!

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26:23 m:s runtime

Color Logic: Concept Car Image - behind the image creation

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2:47 m:s runtime

Watch a pre-recorded Webinar - This is a 47 minute video containing a full overview of the Process Metallic Color System, covering the Print Certification Test Form, Color Charts, and designing within Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

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47:14 m:s runtime

Watch our FX-Viewer movie trailer

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0:57 m:s runtime

Watch our promotional movie trailer

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1:28 m:s runtime