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Color-Logic Certifies RELYCO Synthetic Papers for the Xerox Iridesse Press

West Chester, Ohio, USA; July 2019—Color-Logic, the world leader in metallic color communications systems, is pleased to announce certification of the RELYCO REVLAR Soft line of synthetic papers for the Xerox Iridesse press. REVLAR Soft is the first synthetic paper certified for this press.

The Color-Logic certification testing utilized Xerox Dry Silver and CMYK inks on a Xerox Iridesse press at Action Printing in Lubbock, Texas. The certification test faithfully and correctly reproduced the Color-Logic test form and all its decorative effects and metallic colors. Although the certification was done only using RELYCO REVLAR Soft synthetic substrate, it is deemed likely that Color-Logic can be utilized on the REVLAR Select and REVLAR Premium synthetic materials distributed by RELYCO as well.

Commenting on the certification, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: "RELYCO REVLAR Soft synthetic substrates and the Color-Logic process enable graphic designers to prepare an entirely new line of applications using the Xerox Iridesse press. Especially attractive is the ability to combine the durability of a synthetic substrate with the metallic features and security elements already available when using Color-Logic files. Among likely applications now possible are menus, tags, security tickets, VIP venue passes, brochures, and book covers. RELYCO is a close partner of Color-Logic and we are pleased to complete this certification of the REVLAR products"

RELYCO distributes specialty paper and payment solution substrates. Founded in 1989 and today serving more than 30,000 customers, RELYCO began as a B2B check provider and expanded into specialty business papers. The company was among the first to offer synthetic, waterproof, tear-proof materials.

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