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Touch7 adds Soft-Proofing for Accurately Viewing Extended Color Gamut, Targeting Digital Print

Leeds, England; November 2016Touch7, an Extended Colour Gamut system distributed by Color-Logic Inc, has announced that they will now offer Soft-Proofing™ capability to their clients. Discussing the Soft-Proofing product, Touch7’s Founder/CTO, Richard Ainge commented: “Touch7 takes just one mouse click inside of PhotoShop to produce up to a 7 color separation of an image. However, PhotoShop does not provide an accurate color representation of any separation with more than CMYK or RGB images. We are not a colour management company so we partnered with RemoteDirector to provide us with an OEM version of their technology.”   Mark Geeves, Director of Sales and Marketing for Touch7 commented: “We have targeted the digital press and printer markets with our Touch7 Soft-Proofing solution since people forget these presses are really production machines and there is a real need not to use them as proofing devices until the design is ready. If printers take 6 minutes of production time to produce 10 proofs a day then you have 1 hour of production time wasted. Touch7 creates an extended color gamut separation in seconds, which saves hours of manual masking and now with our Soft-Proofing solution, digital presses and printers are more productive as well.”
  Touch7™ is powered by Khaos Technology™, a developer of Adobe plug-ins and software tools for the printing industry.   For more information, visit or call +1-513-258-0047.  

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