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This is an article from the June - July 2015 Issue of Labels & Labeling Magazine
Every technology investment should include a strategy for realizing the fastest return on the investment. As a rule, the fastest return on any investment is produced by increasing sales revenues, followed by increasing production efficiency. Color-Logic addresses both production efficiency and sales revenue by utilizing the white ink technology. Here are some specific ways Color-Logic can increase ROI.
Not long ago, a viable strategy for printers was to fill the press with successful bids on tendered jobs, perhaps adjusting prices depending on the market. Sales personnel sought relationships with print buyers, and for many printers, long-term connections with a few key customers would help keep the order board full at somewhere north of the lowest margins. Today, the world has changed.
The four-SKU labels were printed from a single file by Model Graphics, a Color-Logic licensee. The images were created using the Color-Logic Design Suite (plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite). The four different labels were printed using just five inks (silver, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).
Recent developments in narrow web flexographic inking and plate systems allow converters to approach the opacity of screen whites at faster speeds.
The Color-Logic BEST Offset Silver Ink enables printers to overprint their process inks on top to create an extended color gamut of metallic colors.
Since we use only 5 colors with our system, no matter how many of our metallic colors or effects you choose, the cost benefit of being able to print multiple SKUs on one form will be a huge benefit to your Brand Customers. Imagine running only one form with one single press clean-up, versus having to run multiple jobs!.
Creating a movie of your FX-Viewer design to show to your customer or for use as marketing tools for your sales force, blogs, website tutorials or presentations is extremely simple. Click the link above to find out how.