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The Image-FX™ plug-in is a photorealistic image separation algorithm which analyzes images and calculates the required metallic effect for the different tonal regions of the image.
Download a 3 day demo of Image-FX™ here
(you must use Adobe Extension Manger CC to install our plug-in. You can download it
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Download this PDF here.
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Download this PDF here.
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This video will give you a brief overview of how to use the Image-FX™ Plug-in...

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Running an image through the Image-FX plugin won't make an instant metallic masterpiece. To get something to work well in metallic, an image needs to have contrast – areas of metallic versus non metallic. To do this, place an image in a layout, then design around it, just like with any real image. Create contrast, so that not everything is metallic, working on a ratio of about 30/70 (30% metallic to 70% CMYK). Light will then bounce off the metallic areas leaving contrast against the CMYK. Without contrast, metallics look flat and lifeless.

In this video tutorial we are going to create the following design using both Silver and White ink options in the plugin. We will then showcase how this would look when printed, using the Esko Studio Visualizer.

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