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We use to remotely store our demo files, artworks and resources for downloading. If your company does not allow you to access HIGHTAIL and you wish to download any of our files, please contact us for assistance
Overview PDF
In this example, we are going to demonstrate how the Color-Logic process works with the Vivid Matrix Laminator and Foiler, however, this process is the same for all foiling units

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Example Output guideline Videos
The normal process recommended by Color-Logic is to send a 5 color PDF to a high end RIP and then use that RIP to switch off the CMYK and output only the Color-Logic spot color (CL 4713 SILVER) by mapping it to the black ink/toner. That black printed separation would then be passed through the foiler. The final process would be to print the CMYK part of the PDF, by switching off the Color-Logic spot color at the RIP and printing only the color as a second pass of the press. If you cannot handle a 5 color PDF at the RIP, please see the videos below on how to process files using either PPDs or by separating the artwork into layers.

This first video demonstration is a quick start guide on:
How to output the Color-Logic Spot Colour (CL4713 SILVER) to be used for the Black/Foil plate and using a PPD for a CMYK device.
How to use the FX-Viewer to visualise your designs before your go to proof or print!

The following video demonstrates how to separate a Color-Logic design into layers if you cannot correctly process a 5 color PDF at the RIP (we only recommend you do this if you cannot correctly process a 5 color composite PDF at the RIP):

Print out the AMM Magazine cover, as shown in the video tutorial
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Click here to download the AMM Magazine Cover PDF

Mac: "Right Click" and "Download Linked File As"

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Click the brochure to open it – Then click to turn the pages

EULA AGREEMENT: You are permitted only to download and print the artworks contained herewith, for the sole purpose of demonstrating the Color-Logic system and to provide printed samples to your clients. All artworks on this site are covered by an end user’s license with respect to digital artworks and stock files. Click here to read our EULA
Print Evaluation Test Forms (Click to open/close)
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Click here to download the Print Evaluation Test Form artwork

NOTE: We supply editable Artwork files (Adobe Illustrator) so you can add your company logos and branding to the layouts.
The Print Evaluation Test Forms show the range of special effects that are achievable using the Color-Logic system. There are two pages, page one contains a range of designs using examples of the proprietary effects. Page two showcases what those effects are, by name.

ACTION REQUIRED: You need to print these forms on your press, then submit samples to Color-Logic to be measured and certified.
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Color-Logic 4pp literature (CMYK only)

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Pattern-FX Single page promo
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Drive Demand for your Brand

The FRONT is metallic
The BACK is CMYK only


The Color-Logic PowerPoint Presentation is a step-by-step presentation that covers the WHO? WHAT? WHY? and HOW? questions regarding Color-Logic and is an excellent aid when presenting to clients and potential new customers.

Download the Color-logic PowerPoint Presentation here
IMPORTANT: When using a cold foil with Color-Logic, some of our decorative effects will not work, namely our Watermark-FX and Watermark-FX Plus techniques – this is because those effects require the ability to reduce the tint percentage of the metallic effect, which can be done using white or silver ink, but this is not possible with a foil, which will also be 100% solid. However, if you have other devices, such as offset or other digital engines that have either a silver ink or white ink, then you can use these effects on those presses.

Spot Metallic Colours
A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

Watermark-FX Plus
A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

FX-Viewer of our Decorative Effect Techniques
A "How to" guide for Color-logic

Overview and example applications

Silver Ink | White Ink on Metallic Substrate

Color-Logic Vs Pantone®
Metallic Ink Color Communication System

Metallic Substrate Color Communication
For silver, Holographic & pearls substrates

Color communication
How ICC does not work with metallics!

Color-Logic Swatch Book
Accurately communicate color to the designer



Vivid Laminating Technologies
Digital Printer Magazine Cover


Vivid Laminating Technologies
Magazine or Book Cover Applications

Vivid Laminating Technologies
Digital Foil Swatchbook

Vivid Laminating Technologies
Soft touch Laminated

What is Color-Logic?
Show of Technology Promo
Brand Packaging Forum
Recorded Webinar
If you would like to use the Source Files used within this recorded webinar, you can download them here
Video to play at events
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The Color-Logic Trade Show video is a short movie that explains what Color-Logic is, how you design with the palettes and plugins, as well as how to visualise your designs on screen before going to proof or press, using FX-Viewer

Download .MOV formatted movie here
Download .MP4 formatted movie
PRESS RELEASES (Click to open)
Color-Logic partners with Vivid Laminating Technologies (click for more information)

West Chester, Ohio, USA; June 2017--Color-Logic--the leader in metallic color communication and decorative effects--has partnered with Vivid Laminating Technologies--the leading European manufacturer of laminating equipment.  As a result of the partnership, any color digital printer can now produce 250 different metallic colors from a single roll of foil, using the Color-Logic Design Suite and the award-winning Vivid Matrix Digital Foiling and Laminating System.  Vivid offers both silver and rainbow holographic foils for this purpose.

Discussing the technique, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves commented: "The partnership of Color-Logic and Vivid Laminating Technologies enables any CMYK digital printer to produce 250 different metallic foil hues and gradations with their existing inks and toners.  The attention-commanding brilliance of conventional cold foil is enhanced by the many Color-Logic special effects available to designers, and the simplicity of the Vivid system makes digital foiling available to anyone with a digital printer. The key benefit of the Color-Logic and Vivid partnership lies in the ability of printers to produce higher margin products with their current equipment, as well as attracting profitable new customers."

Vivid Laminating Technologies was voted 2016 Supplier of the Year by the British Association for Print and Communication.  Vivid is the leading European designer and manufacturer of digital foiling and laminating systems, supplying to the printing industry for more than 30 years, and exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.  For more information, visit or call +44-1530-510946.

Color-Logic develops color communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications.  Color-Logic provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results.  Color-Logic decorative effects utilize the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding dynamic results without the use of special equipment.  Color-Logic supports the value of print and works with designers and printers to enhance their printed media.  For more information, visit or call +1-513-258-0047.

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Vivid Laminating Technologies – Licensing Options

Color-Logic Printer Licenses are available in two options; Standard and Premium, and are available in 3 and 5 year lease options.

A Standard Printer License is ideal for a small print shop or convertor that only needs to print and manufacture supplied files designed using Color-Logic. A Standard license also comes with one Design Suite & FX-Viewer, which enables the printer to convert designs in-house on behalf of their clients/designers.

The Premium license is designed for the larger print shop that wish to install Color-Logic on multiple work stations, or for those printers that work with external design agencies – the premium license comes with additional Design Suite & FX-Viewer (Single Seat installs) that may be sold to your external design customers.
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The following video showcases the artwork files that we will be releasing throughout 2018 for our clients that stay within the S.M.A.R.T program. All files are editable, so that you can put your logos and branding on them.
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IMPORTANT: Touch7 is NOT a metallic printing technology
Touch7 is an Extended Colour Gamut System for ECG inks (Orange, green violet etc) as well as Neon Fluorescent inks, with the resulting separations increasing the colour gamut of your print engine.
Color-Logic is the exclusive distributor of Touch7.