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Output guidelines for Color-Logic certified Fuji Xerox Digital Presses

Fuji Xerox® Iridesse™
GX Print Server

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Fuji Xerox® Color 1000i Press
EX-P 1000i Print Server Powered by Fiery®

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Fuji Xerox® Iridesse™
Xerox® EX-P 6 Print Server Powered by Fiery®

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Click the brochure to open it – Then click to turn the pages

IMPORTANT: Please do not provide any of the digital artwork files to your customers. You are permitted only to download and print the artworks contained herewith, for the sole purpose of demonstrating the Color-Logic system and to provide printed samples to your clients. All artworks on this site are covered by an end user’s license with respect to digital artworks and stock files. Read here for more information.
Print Evaluation Test Forms (Click to open/close)
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12"x18" sheet size
Note: Silver must be printed first, followed by the CMYK.

Click here to download the Print Evaluation Test Form artwork (Requires Adobe Illustrator)

here to download our Print Evaluation Test Forms in PDF format
The Print Evaluation Test Forms show the range of special effects that are achievable using the Color-Logic system. There are two pages, page one contains a range of designs using examples of the proprietary effects. Page two showcases what those effects are, by name.

ACTION REQUIRED: You need to print these forms on your press, then submit samples to Color-Logic to be measured and certified.
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Color-Logic 4 page literature
This is a condensed version of our literature and contains the basic information about the Color-Logic system

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Color-Logic 48 page Brochure
This is our full literature and contains tips and tricks for working with the Color-Logic system.

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Drive Demand for your Brand

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Pattern-FX Single page promo


The Color-Logic PowerPoint Presentation is a step-by-step presentation that covers the WHO? WHAT? WHY? and HOW? questions regarding Color-Logic and is an excellent aid when presenting to clients and potential new customers. Download the Color-logic Presentation here

Spot Metallic Colours
A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

Watermark-FX Plus
A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

A "How to" guide for Color-logic

FX-Viewer of our Decorative Effect Techniques
A "How to" guide for Color-logic

Color-Logic Vs Pantone®
Metallic Ink Color Communication System

Color communication
How ICC does not work with metallics!

Color-Logic Swatch Book
Accurately communicate color to the designer

It only takes one design with Color-Logic
Output for silver ink or white ink

XMPie uDirect

(download technical paper for Standard or Advanced)

The following videos demonstrates the possibilities of using either the Fuji Xerox 1000i or the Fuji Xerox Iriddesse press. The samples shown in these videos might have been produced on either press – Color-Logic will work on both engines.


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Graduation Thank You Card


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Gift Certificates


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Graduation cards


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
K&M Printing


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Magazine Insert


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Save the date cards


Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
and Color-Logic

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Magazine or Book Covers

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Greeting Card Applications

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Literature Piece

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Color-Logic 4 Page Brochure

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
With and without Silver Toner

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Color-Logic Test Form File

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Color-Logic Swatch Book

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Drive Demand For Your Brand

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Color-Logic Color Charts

Fuji Xerox™ 1000i / Iridesse
Color-Logic Business Cards

What is Color-Logic?
Show of Technology Promo
Brand Packaging Forum
Recorded Webinar
If you would like to use the Source Files used within this recorded webinar, you can download them here
Video to play at trade shows
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The Color-Logic Trade Show video is a short movie that explains what Color-Logic is, how you design with the palettes and plugins, as well as how to visualise your designs on screen before going to proof or press, using FX-Viewer

Download .MOV formatted movie here

Download .MP4 formatted movie
We are often asked for references from our existing customers, when someone is looking at purchasing a new press bundled with Color-Logic. Normally printers are very secretive as they don’t wish for their competition to find out about their new investments, or as to how they keep creating amazing metallic prints. However, we have been very lucky that one of our premier printers, Intertype based in Australia, who became the first certified Color-Logic printer in the world for the Xerox Color 1000i Press, has granted us permission to share some of their thoughts…In Ian Bosler’s own words “standing out and getting noticed is fundamental to creating high performing marketing and sales communications” – Please read on for more insights…
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How is the registration on the ColorPress using Color-Logic?

When "over printed" i.e. printed in one pass there are no registration issues however this limits creativity and doesn't allow access to the amazing new range of colours.

Under-printing requires two passes and you need to be careful with registration. The biggest area to focus on is the design which can hide or accentuate registration issues.

How does Intertype use Color-Logic meaning how is it sold to your customers?

We've found that customers nowadays struggle with designing for print let alone adding the complexity of designing with Color-Logic (a sad reflection of the skills of Australia's graphic designers). This has led to us creating a new service we call Collaborative Artwork

This service is important to generating metallic clicks and has rapidly become a nice little earner outside of metallic printing as well.

What kind of value do your customers see in CMYK + Silver + Color-Logic prints versus CMYK prints?

Australian marketers aren't very sophisticated when it comes to measuring ROI of marketing campaigns so I don't have access to the value in terms of dollars however they love the special effects and the chance to stand out from the crowd

My customer would like to see same account growth meaning charging more for print based on the value they’re able to offer using the ColorPress and Color-Logic. Have you experienced growth with existing clients using the ColorPress and Color-Logic? Are you charging more to your customers because of the value Color-Logic brings to your clients?

We earn more from clients by providing collaborative artwork services. We charge $135 per hour and typically bill a minimum 2 hours per simple job and our biggest project to date run to over 20 hours.

Our customers don't see a "per click charge" as we bundle all our services into a combined per finished unit cost. We typically recover a surcharge of $0.50 to $1 per A4 page when we apply metallics.

Collaborative artwork and metallic printing capabilities has resulted in additional projects from existing clients as well as attracting new clients. so over all the exercise has been worthwhile financially

What kind of success has intertype experienced in selling and generating additional revenue with new customers using the ColorPress and Color-Logic?

We are getting a worthwhile return on investment and I expect that to grow as it's still early days in our market. We are only seeing "pioneers" and "early adopters" taking on metallics however I expect to see continued growth as more applications get visibility in the market

FINAL WORD… “I strongly suggest that you always bundle Color-Logic with the press. It does make designing much easier and opens up a great array of new and amazing colours”

Ian Bosler, CEO – Intertype, Australia
The following video showcases the artwork files that we will be releasing throughout 2018 for our clients that stay within the S.M.A.R.T program. All files are editable, so that you can put your logos and branding on them.
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Printers License

Color-Logic is the only commercially available color communication system for metallic substrates and metallic inks which takes into account the substrate, inks, press curves and coatings.

The Color-Logic system provides a color communication system for 250 new metallic colors, which in turn can producing eye catching decorative effects. Printers and converters are granted a license to produce their own Swatch Books (or Color Charts). This eliminates the need to match a generic purchased swatch book of metallic colors, printed under unknown conditions and generally with substrates and inks not applicable to the printing process of the printer!

Each color in the swatch book is replicated in to a digital swatch library that is imported in to the designers software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc), along with a Photoshop plug-in that calculates the desired metallic effect for imagery. A designer then uses these palettes and plugins to design with, choosing metallic colors from the printers very own printed swatch book. Files designed with the Color-Logic system can then be visualized using the FX-Viewer software. For more information on the Color-Logic Design Suite, please
click here.
Licensing Options

Color-Logic Printer Licenses are available in three modules; Standard, Premium and Premium Plus.

A Standard Printer License is ideal for a small print shop or convertor that only needs to print and manufacture supplied files designed using Color-Logic. A Standard license also comes with one Design Suite & FX-Viewer, which enables the printer to convert designs in-house on behalf of their clients/designers. Additional single seat installs of the Design Suites & FX-Viewers are available for purchase.

The Premium and Premium Plus license modules are designed for the larger print shops that work at the brand or design level – each of the premium licenses comes with additional Design Suite & FX-Viewer CDs (Single Seat installs) that may be sold to designers. As an example, if a printer were to purchase the Premium Plus license, they would get ten copies of the Design Suite & FX-Viewer, which may be resold to designers for $599 per suite – this means that the printer can recoup $5999 back off the initial investment should all ten Design Suites be sold.

The chart below highlights the main differences between each printer license, however if you would like to discuss licensing options with one of our representatives, please contact
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IMPORTANT: Touch7 is NOT a metallic printing technology
Touch7 is an Extended Colour Gamut System for ECG inks (Orange, green violet etc) as well as Neon Fluorescent inks, with the resulting separations increasing the colour gamut of your print engine.
Color-Logic is the exclusive distributor of Touch7.